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April Newsletter

Happy April Go Farians!

Well it has been some month already, with temps hitting 94 degrees Wednesday (kudos to those of you who braved that heat for speed workout!) and then getting 65 degrees today and rain! It certainly is making running in the Bay Area a little more interesting 🙂

I wanted to kick off this month’s newsletter with a reminder to please UPDATE your RSVP! Whether you can come or you cannot come, all of this information is super important to your organizers. It helps us kick Meetups off on time and helps encourage more RSVPs to other events. A gentle reminder that 3 no shows means either a not so nice message from your organizers or a removal from the group. If you can’t make a Meetup, please just change your RSVP to “No” so that we can get our events started on time. Thank you for being courteous to your fellow Go Farians! We also want to see when you CAN come! If you RSVP, that encourages other Go Farians to RSVP too!

April is busy busy busy, and we kicked it off last week with our first session of BLAST which was really well attended! I heard the rest of the week from various Go Farians that they were still feeling the effects of the workout! Get out and BLAST to work on those muscles that don’t get strengthened solely through running! BLAST meets every Monday at Henry Schmidt Park at 6:15PM. Come on out and have a BLAST!! (haha, I couldn’t resist)

We have also had our Couch to 10K program going for about 5 weeks now and we have already seen an amazing turnout for our spring program. We have folks of all different levels coming out and getting moving off that couch!! This week we are starting to get serious as we embark on our first ever 3 miles. Please still help us spread the word about this program, we are getting so many fresh new faces who are new to running and are really enjoying it and encouraging one another! Couch to 10K meets every Tuesday night at 6:30PM at Coffee Society in the Pruneyard.

Now that the sun is back, so is Mission Peak! Come on out with us every Thursday at 6PM to conquer the beast! Stanton made a really great poem about it, I’m sure he will share it with you if you ask. I think it truly captures the brutality of that mountain! We have folks of all abilities coming out to this Meetup as well! If don’t think you can run it, you will be in good company as there are a few of us every week working on hiking up to the top. If you do think you can run it, you will be in even better company as we have some real strong runners out every week who have been reaching the Summit and having photo evidence to prove it! Come on out with us and get your sweat on!

Speaking of sun, our Friday mornings are no longer in the complete pitch black dark! Hurrah! Come on out and be refreshed and motivated for work knowing you got your workout in early before the weekend even starts! We meet every Friday morning at 6AM(!) to run on the San Tomas Aquino Trail out to Levi Stadium and back. Measuring a little over 5 miles, it is perfect to jump start your day and watch the sun rise over the beautiful skyline of tech companies and Levi Stadium!

Saturdays you will now notice are switching much more frequently between locations. Always be sure to check out the calendar so you can catch the next new spot. We went to Quicksilver last week and judging by the turnout everyone was very happy to get back out there! We had over 20 people hitting the trails and almost everyone didn’t get lost! Tomorrow we are venturing out to St. Joe’s where you will be able to look across at the Santa Cruz Mountains as you ascend higher and higher above Route 17. One of our favorites in the group for sure! Come on out and join us at 7AM!

Our monthly trail adventure is taking us to Windy Hill this month, one of my personal favorites! It is most definitely gecko season, and Windy Hill is a great spot to see tons of them! We are going to be meeting at 7AM and there is a 7 mile and 9 mile route option.

Finally, we have the Presidio 10 Miler coming up next Sunday! Stanton was nice enough to get us a discount code. Please send a separate message to Stanton if you are interested in running the race. He has gotten us 10% off! It should be a great race and it isn’t often you find a 10 miler. Perfect compromise between a half and 10K! Love that distance!

Don’t forget to check out our website at http://gofarrungroup.com/ so that you can see all of our new Go Farian written gear and race reviews that we will  be posting every month! We have gotten a few good ones under our belt already, so make sure you are coming back every so often to check it out.

That is it for this month! Thanks for taking the time to read through all this info! Have a great April and GO FAR!

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