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Couch to 10K Wrap Up

Congrats to all our Couch to 10K participants!


Now that you’ve all had a week to reflect on your accomplishments (and rest your legs!), I wanted to pass on a few words from your coaches.

From Coach Mike Barbosa

Another Couch to 10K programmed closed out this past weekend and it was another successful program.  There were a couple of individuals who completed the eight week program and this past Saturday they also completed their first 10K’s.  That was a great accomplishment to watch.  Unfortunately there were a couple of other runners who completed the eight week training but were not able to attend the 10K.   I will discuss with the other coaches to see if moving the 10K run to Tuesday evenings since the runners are already coming out that evening.


I enjoy the diversity of the runners that come out on Tuesday evenings.   The mix of runners brings in a wealth of knowledge to not only me but to other newer runners who are looking to gain knowledge as well as training through this program.


We will take the summer off and have our normal Tuesday night runs for any skill set starting in a couple of weeks. The next couch to 10K training program should start up in early August.  Looking forward to seeing what new runners come out to take the challenge.


From Coach Haruka Kato
This was my first time being part of coaches at “Couch to 10K.” It was an awesome experience meeting with new runners and seeing their progress every week! They also encouraged me to keep pushing myself:) Go far!

And finally, a word from our fearless leader, Meghan Newell


This past season of Go Far Run Group’s Couch to 10K program was the best in our history! Couch to 10K started out as a program to encourage new runners to come out and try running in a no pressure situation, and it has truly blossomed into a wonderful program. We have seen walkers become runners, people who had never run a mile in their lives getting off the couch and getting moving!


13240477_10100377478706721_1487318402829869514_nThis season we had a great group of folks, and for the first time we introduced new coaches to help give support to our runners. I think this is one of the proudest parts of the program for me. All of our coaches come from places where they were either not runners previously or had been taking time off from running before joining Go Far. Two of our coaches initially started running during a season of our Couch to 10K training program and another started far before that. I want to highlight the three of them here.


First off, Lori H. has been invaluable to our group. She has really taken a fantastic leadership role. Lori joined Go Far in 2012 and since joining our group has completed a marathon and become a consistent part of Go Far. She started helping out with Couch to 10K when we first started, and has become a coach this past season. Her and her husband are traveling to Chicago this fall to run in the Chicago Marathon, one of the premier races in the USA. I am so honored to have this wonderful woman be a part of our group and contributing so much to those who are just starting out in the sport.


Secondly, Haruka joined our group last May during our Couch to 10K program. She initially came out to our Couch to 10K unsure of how to get going on this thing we call running, and since then she has become an astounding athlete. Haruka started with just a mile, and now she is one of the fastest women in our group, just a year later. We are incredibly lucky to have a talent like hers on our team, and she truly serves as an inspiration to those who have never tried running before. She shows that you never know what is possible until you try! As a coach, Haruka encourages our runners to push themselves to be the best they can be.


Finally, and definitely not least, we have Marie! Marie joined Go Far Run Group around the same time as Haruka, in late May as we were getting a new session of Couch to 10K going. I will never forget going for that first run with Marie, connecting with her on her goals and her challenging herself. Marie moved to California not knowing anyone besides her husband, and has since become an integral part of our Go Far community. She is an incredibly hard worker, and encourages all of our Couch to 10K runners to do their best no matter how hard it may feel.


Our three coaches embody the reasons I am so proud of our Couch to 10K program. Haruka and Marie started in our Couch to 10K program and have since become leaders in the program, inspiring and pushing those around them. Lori has overcome many obstacles to be the wonderful woman and leader in our program that she is today.


For those of you who think they could never do it, I encourage you to look at these three women for inspiration. They challenged themselves, stuck to it, and in the end accomplished all of their goals and have become the rocks upon which we have rested our Couch to 10K program. They have been there before. They have been at the beginning where it seems almost impossible to get out there. And they did. And they continue to. And so can you. Come out with us, Go Far, and become a part of this incredible community we have built.



To wrap things up, for those who weren’t able to make it out to the Couch to 10K program and are looking for a starter group OR for those who are looking to keep up your Tuesday evening runs, we’re continuing this as a series for beginner runners. Whether you have never run a step in your life, or you are just getting back into it after taking some time off, this is the Meetup for you! This will be a 2-4 mile distance, and you can choose what distance you’d like to do. We encourage walkers, run/walkers, and runners to join us for this beginning level run. Our Couch 10K coaches will do their best to be there every week, but keep an eye on the comments section in case they can’t make it. If they can’t make it, this will be an open hosted Meetup. Check it out and RSVP on the Go Far Meetup!



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