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New Content from Go Farians!

Welcome to June!

As folks are continuing to train and get faster and stronger this summer, I wanted to start posting some articles written from our very own Go Farians. I’ll be adding to our resources section with product and race reviews over the next several weeks. Keep an eye out here on our main page for notes about new writings and in our Running Resources section for new content every few weeks.

Our very first review comes from the speedy and wise Noel Velasco. He wrote a great review of the Daniels’ Running Formula – a reminder that although gear is cool, having a solid training plan and staying healthy are also key parts to reaching our maximum potential as runners. Thanks for the great writing, Noel!

If you’re interested in writing a piece, please email us with your ideas! Stay tuned for more great work from our members.¬†Happy running, everyone!

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