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Mission Atletica Brings Go Farian Shoes to Guatemala for Race

Believe it or not, it’s been over 9 months since we collected donations over the holiday season in 2015 to give back to runners in need! Just a couple weeks ago on July 31, 2016, those shoes, clothing, and gear donations made their way with Edgar Hernandez and Mission Atletica to Guatemala.


A pair of shoes for every participant

While the donation drive ended in December, there was still quite a lot to do. Over the past several months, the shoes were sorted – unusable shoes were shipped to Nike to be recycled and usable shoes cleaned and readied for their second life. In addition to the 792 pairs of shoes, 493 articles of clothing, and 89 pieces of running gear donated and collected by Go Farians over the holidays, Mission Atletica was able to send a grand total of 1400 usable pairs of shoes back to Guatemala. Edgar organized sending the shoes over to coincide with the 2d Carrera Mission Atletica Race, a 5.5km course that had a total of 1400 participants. Each was given a pair of shoes and the clothing and gear were raffled off at the end of the race.


Eagerly entering the raffle!

There were some fast runners out there, with the fastest coming in at blistering times:


And they’re off!

Carlos Avila, 16:30
Edgar Por, 16:45
Victor Saban, 17:05

Marisol Bolanos, 19:50
Rosy Tec, 20:10
Ana Ixcop, 20:46

The shoes will definitely help these blossoming athletes!


One of the youngest participants

Participants told Edgar that this second running of his Mission Atletica race has been the best of the entire year and requests have already been made to organize more events of this kind from different towns including Salama, Coban, Totonicapan, and Huehuetenango.


Trying out their new kicks

Although this race is over, Edgar is already gearing up for his next event targeted for December of this year. And while we’ll be a bit late to participate with donations for a December race, we’ve already started organizing our holiday drive.


Edgar with the runners

This year, we’ll be teaming up with Mission Atletica again to bring shoes, clothing, and running gear to athletes in need in Guatemala. Already signed up to help the cause is Berkeley Half Marathon – with more races and opportunities to come throughout November and December. If you’re interested in helping volunteer at one of the upcoming pickups this holiday, please send a note to Stanton. For everyone else, be sure to keep those lightly used pairs of shoes – they’ll soon find a new home with a worthy athletes!

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