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September Newsletter

Hi Go Farians! Welcome to our September newsletter! This newsletter is going to contain a lot of information, so please read through carefully. It is going to cover hoodie and tech tee purchases, deposits for the holiday party, and kicking off our annual shoe drive. All payments should be sent via PayPal to m.newell831@gmail.com. If you cannot pay via PayPal, further instructions will be at the end of the newsletter.

First off, hoodies and tech tees! This year we are going to be getting HOODIES as our yearly Go Far logo’d item! The hoodies are going to be soft and comfy, perfect for pre and post run hang outs 🙂 We are going to be getting them from Custom Ink and they will most likely be Hanes hoodies. If you would like to purchase a hoodie, please send a deposit of $20 to m.newell831@gmail.com via PayPal. I do not forsee the hoodies costing any more than an additional $5-$7.


I also had a lot of people interested in buying a tech tee this year! I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing both a hoodie and a tech tee, but there were so many people interested in both I figured I would open it up to everyone to see if we could get enough people to put in an order for tech tees. If you would like one, please send a deposit of $5 to m.newell831@gmail.com. The tech tees will probably end up being around $15 total. If we end up not getting enough people to put in an order, I will apply that $5 to the hoodie. If you do not want a hoodie but do want a tech tee, please specify in your note on PayPal or via email to me.

If you would like to purchase either or both of these items, please send me your deposit by OCTOBER 9.

Next up: HOLIDAY PARTY! I know this seems far away, but December is going to be here before we know it. I already had to send in a deposit for the space, and so I’m hoping to recoup some of that cost through deposits from all of you if you already know that you are planning on attending the holiday party. If you are, please send a $20 deposit (per person) to m.newell831@gmail.com. I’m not going to put a deadline on this yet, that will come later probably second week of November, I’m just trying to make up some of that deposit that I already put down.

The holiday party will be held on December 9 from 6PM – 9PM. We will be holding at Ludwigs in downtown San Jose. There will be sausages for you meat eaters and veggie burgers for the vegetarians. There will also be a large buffet of sides as well as homemade German Apple Cake for dessert. Plus you know there are always lots of extra fun goodies for those who attend 🙂 This is definitely a family affair, so please feel free to invite your families along! The more the merrier, and the cheaper for everyone :-p We don’t have a cap on attendees this year, so I’m hoping to get together a really nice sized group.

Finally, we are going to be kicking off our Annual Shoe Drive, led by Stanton Chan! Last year was incredibly successful and we ended up collecting 792 pairs of shoes, 443 running tops, 90 running bottoms, and 89 pieces of gear ranging from water bottles and fuel belts to sports bras and back packs. We donated all of these items to Mission Atletica, a local charity. Mission Atletica is lead by local runner Edgar, who brings all of these items back to his home country of Guatemala personally. We feel very strongly that this is an amazing charity and are so happy to be supporting them again this year.

We are going to be volunteering at a few races again this year in order to get donations of shoes and running gear. If you would like to help volunteer at one of these races, we are definitely looking for folks to help out! Please fill out the following form:


Unfortunately we are not going to be volunteering at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot this year, which is where we got a large number of our donations. If you know of any local races or organizations who are willing to help us out with the shoe drive in terms of sourcing donations, please let Stanton or I know. I’d love to beat our numbers from last year!

So, to recap! If you are planning on attending the holiday party, want a hoodie and a tech tee, please send your $45 deposit to m.newell831@gmail.com via PayPal. Money for the hoodie and tech tee are due October 9. There is not currently a deadline for holiday party.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAYPAL: please give me your deposits in the form of cash or check IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. I will not have envelopes to put your cash or check in and it will help me organizationally a TON if you can do this before giving me the deposits. The final day to give me the deposits will be Sunday Morning Long Run on October 9. Please shoot me an email and give me a heads up if you are planning on paying via cash or check.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading all the way through this! Happy Football Sunday and remember to always GO FAR!

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