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October Newsletter

Hello Go Farians, and welcome to my favorite month of the year, October! Why is it my favorite month? Because there are so many marathons this month!! We have had TONS of Go Farians competing near and far, whether it be at the San Jose Rock n Roll, in Minnesota at Twin Cities, in Chicago, New York, or even in Berlin!! I am so proud of everyone for accomplishing their goals this marathon season. It is beyond inspiring to see you all doing what you love to do! Congratulations to everyone who has competed in any distance race this fall, I would love to collect some stories about your runs – please send some quick write ups over if you could!


On the business side of things, I’ve gotten the hoodies and the tech tees all ordered, and you will be seeing emails from me regarding collecting remainders for these in the next coming days. Now that the gear is out of the way, it is time to focus on our biggest event of the year, our GO FAR HOLIDAY PARTY. This year we will be holding it at Ludwigs on December 9, and I would love to see everyone there! I’ve gotten deposits from a number of you, but I still need more!

I am now going to be setting a DEADLINE for holiday party deposits – NOVEMBER 1. Sending me your deposit by NOVEMBER 1 will guarantee you a seat at the dinner as well as lock in your special gift that you will receive. Each person’s deposit will be $20. We have NO restrictions on how many people we can have, so I’m hoping to see each and everyone of you there, no matter if you just went to a Meetup last week or haven’t been to a Meetup in the last year! We want to celebrate running with all of our Go Farians! Family members are more than welcome to join as well, so please send deposits for each person planning on attending. I can’t wait, it is going to be a BLAST!!!

When you send your $20 deposit, please include your email address and what size shirt you would wear (hypothetically ;p). You can send these deposits to me via PayPal at m.newell831@gmail.com or you can give me your deposits via cash or check in person at any Meetup in an envelope with your name on it.


November is going to be kicking off our 3rd annual Shoe Drive! We are really looking for some volunteers to help make this happen. Volunteers would just be responsible for hanging out at a booth at a race and collecting used shoe donations. We have a spreadsheet where you can sign up to volunteer, and we would really appreciate any morning you can help us out!


Whether or not you can volunteer, we would love to have any donations from you that you have lying around in your closet! You can bring your used running shoes to any Sunday or Wednesday night Meetup for donation. I really want to beat last year, so let’s do it!! If you have any friends, family, or colleagues with some old shoes laying around, let them know about our drive!


You may have noticed that we have some schedule adjustments on our Meetup page! Now that it is starting to get dark out earlier and be darker for longer in the morning, we are adjusting some of our dates and times of our Meetups. We will not be holding Tuesday night Beginner Runs from now until Spring, when it gets light out later. We will also not be holding our BLAST workouts until we either find a new venue or spring returns to us with some light at night.

We are also switching our Tuesday morning Rancho runs to St. Joe’s. Rancho doesn’t open their gates until 30 minutes before sunrise, so we will have to go to St. Joe’s instead. To make it more confusing, we are going to be switching back to Rancho after Daylight Savings Time until it once again becomes too dark to run at 6:30.


It’s a bummer to be missing our BLAST workouts, Tuesday night beginner runs and Rancho mid week runs, but we do have some fun stuff coming up on the calendar! On October 29 we are going to be holding our annual Halloween Quicksilver Trail run! We are going to be running out to the old Quicksilver cemetery and then having a potluck style BBQ afterwards! We will meet at the Mockingbird entrance of Quicksilver. Costumes are encouraged if you have a running costume – I know that the Ink n Burn runners will love this event!!

That’s it for this month! Thanks for reading through this beast of a newsletter, but I know you are all endurance runners so it should be a good workout for you  Hope to see you all at our HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!! Woo!

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