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2016 Donation Drive Update #1

We’re two weeks into our 2016 Donation Drive and we’re off to a good start. So far we Go Farians have donated about 15 pairs of shoes. Keep up the great work – we’ve still got 6 weeks to collect those running shoes, clothing, and gear!


Last week, we made our appearance at our first race – Brazen Racing’s Diablo Summit Stomp! Great job to Paulette, Alexey, and Shannon for completing their runs on this TOUGH course! While we were there, we were also able to collect 14 pairs of shoes, 24 pieces of clothing, and 1 running accessory. Some of the regular Brazenites forgot their shoes, but mentioned they would bring them to the next few races – so looking forward to a big boost in numbers in the coming weeks. One of the best things that happened that day was a runner, having finished his half marathon race (with almost 2500ft of elevation!) came over to our table and donated his shoes right off his feet! AMAZING!


If you’re interested in sharing in some of these wonderful stories and meeting runners with generous hearts, let us know by signing up to volunteer! We’re still looking for help as early as this Friday, 11/18 from 11-7pm and Saturday, 11/19 from 9-5pm for the Berkeley Half Marathon packet pickup, as well as the Brazen Nitro Turkey, 11/24 from 7-12noon. Sign up here!


Our current count stands at 29 pairs of shoes. Keep checking in your closets for those old running shoes that might find new life with a Guatemalan runner or as a playground, as well as lightly used running apparel or gear! If you’re feeling extra generous, why not purchase some new running loot for the cause? Either way, keep bringing your donations to our meetups and let’s all keep going far!

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