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Donation Drive Wrap Up

We’ve come to the end of another year and another shoe drive!

Thanks everyone for your generosity – donating shoes, volunteering your time, spreading the word, and just being the wonderful runners and friends you are in general!

This year, we missed out on one of our larger donating races, but we still were able to collect a respectable amount for our amazing charity. In just about 8 weeks, we were able to collect a grand total of (*drum roll please*)…

332 pairs of shoes

335 pieces of running clothing

13 pieces of running gear

at 5 races and from donations from our own run group!

Thanks everyone for all your help! Looking forward to another successful shoe drive next year!

As you’re starting to train for races in 2017, start storing those shoes as you see them wear thing and think twice before trashing that race shirt that you just don’t think you’ll ever wear… any shoes and textiles kept out of the landfill areĀ a win for our planet, for athletes in need, or to make the next playground turf or track for a school!

Hoping to see more of you awesome runners in the new year – at workouts, events, and races! Here’s to a wonderful 2017!

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