Go Far Run Group

Go Far in the Peninsula!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve officially kicked off our Go Far Run Group Peninsula Chapter last night with our very first meetup – a Bay Trail Evening Run!

Starting this month, Stanton will be leading regular Tuesday evening runs along the Bay Trail in Foster City. This run will begin as runners choice with a suggested distance of 3-5 miles (approximately the distance from the meeting point to the San Mateo Bridge and back). As we gain some momentum and members, we’ll look to modify the route and routine. Around March, Stanton will look to add a regular Saturday morning Sawyer Camp run and potentially some trail runs around the Peninsula.

For now, we’ll be posting events in both our regular Meetup group, as well as our new Peninsula Chapter group. The goal with having two groups is to help cross promote our runs to make us easier to find for searches based on zip code. If you’re interested in joining a run, please RSVP to at least one of the events! Also, feel free to join the Peninsula Chapter, as well, and give us a rating so we can start having more friendly runners join our crew!

Looking forward to more running and more friends in the coming year – see you out there and remember to GO FAR!

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