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May Newsletter

Welcome to May Go Farians! Boy, do I have a lot to chat about in this one, so I’m just going to jump right in!

First of, the May Marathon Challenge is BACK! This is a month long challenge that will get you out there and training! You can compete in the full (at least 26.2 miles a week) or half marathon challenge (at least 13.1 miles a week). You can earn points in different ways, you can check out the rules below. Top 30 point earners will get a FREE t shirt that will forever prove to everyone how amazing you are. This challenge is open to all Go Farians, whether you attend Meetups in our San Jose group or our Peninsula group. You can see all the rules below:

The competition will run from 5/1 to 6/4. Rules are as follows:

– Must run at least 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles a week

– Must attend at least 1 Go Far Meetup a week

– Weeks will run Monday – Sunday

– Mileage proof: Join our Strava group (https://www.strava.com/clubs/gofar-run-club) or keep a written log and send a picture of it to me at the end of every week

Top 30 Go Farians will win the t shirt. You earn points in order to put yourself in the challenge. Here is how you earn points:

– 5 points: Hitting your 13.1 or 26.2 mile goal

– 5 points: Attending at least 1 Go Far Meetup each week. You will earn 1 additional point for each Go Far Meetup you attend throughout the week.

– 5 points: Writing a review for us on Meetup.com

– 1 point: Each mile you go over your 13.1 or 26.2 mile goal, with a maximum of 5 extra points earned each week

– 1 point: Posting a picture of you at or others at the Meetup on Meetup.com for the Meetup you attended

– 1 point: Posting a picture of you at or others at the Meetup on our Facebook group for the Meetup you attended

In order to join this challenge, you MUST EMAIL ME (just respond to this email!) and let me know you are IN so that I can track your info. Looking forward to another month of miraculous miles from you Go Farians!


Next up, if you are planning on attending the SF Marathon, Stanton has generously shared a discount code that will get you the hook up! Big thanks to Fitbit and Stanton for hooking us up in this awesome way! Please make sure you support Fitbit by visiting their website https://www.fitbit.com/home and checking out all of their amazing product. You can use the code FITBITFAM to get your 10% off the SF Marathon entry! Thank you Fitbit and Stanton!


Speaking of discounts – thanks to Marcia we will be getting an opportunity to shop at the Mountain Hardware employee store! What does this mean? Amazingly cheap prices for amazingly good product! We will be getting together as a group to go shopping on May 27 (https://www.meetup.com/GoFar-Run-Group/events/239541973/)! If you can’t make this date, no worries, the opportunity will run from May 8 through June 11. All you need to take advantage of this opportunity is to get a flier from Marcia or myself to present at the store. You will also need to show them you are a part of our Meetup, you can just pull the app up on your phone and show them. You will need BOTH of these things if you want to get in, so make sure you see Marcia or I to get the flier!


Finally, we are starting to incorporate HERO WORKOUTS (https://www.meetup.com/GoFar-Run-Group-Peninsula-Chapter/events/239403159/) in our Go Far Peninsula Chapter! Thanks to Stanton for putting these on! What is a hero workout you ask? Well here’s a quick description: “Each week, we’ll meet up to do a set of hill repeats/stairs/hill sprints followed by sets of “Superhero Workouts” from the darebee.com website.” I took a look at some of the exercises and I’m sure you will be able to rescue a cat from a tree after a few weeks of these tough workouts! If you are unfamiliar with our Peninsula Chapter, check out the Meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/GoFarRun-Group-Peninsula-Chapter/. It’s a great opportunity to get a good workout if you live or work in San Mateo or the surrounding area!


That’s it for this month! Thanks for reading through this, and remember to EMAIL me if you want to participate in the May Marathon Challenge! Thanks all and GO FAR!

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