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Late Post: June Newsletter 2017

Welcome to June! For those of you in our FB¬†group, you have already heard this news, but for everyone else – the May Marathon Challenge has officially been moved to JUNE. I had so many issues not getting responses from people via the Meetup messenger I decided to just re do the whole thing. Thank you to all of you who responded to me this week to let me know that the responder was working again ūüôā In order to enter the challenge this month, you MUST EMAIL ME:¬†m.newell831@gmail.com¬†or respond to this email saying you are IN!

As a reminder of the rules:

РMust run at least 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles a week

РMust attend at least 1 Go Far Meetup a week

РWeeks will run Monday РSunday

Top 30 Go Farians will win the t shirt. You earn points in order to put yourself in the challenge. Here is how you earn points:

– 5 points: Hitting your 13.1 or 26.2 mile goal

Р5 points: Attending at least 1 Go Far Meetup each week. You will earn 1 additional point for each Go Far Meetup you attend throughout the week.

Р5 points: Writing a review for us on Meetup.com

Р1 point: Each mile you go over your 13.1 or 26.2 mile goal, with a maximum of 5 extra points earned each week

Р1 point: Posting a picture of you at or others at the Meetup on Meetup.com for the Meetup you attended

Р1 point: Posting a picture of you at or others at the Meetup on our Facebook group for the Meetup you attended

The contest will¬†run¬†from June 5 – July 2. If you are traveling for work or fun during this time, FEAR NOT! You can still compete! I totally understand summer travel plans! All you have to do is¬†run¬†at least once (or walk!) during the week and take a selfie and post it in the FB¬†group¬†or just let me know that you were active during the week ūüôā

The same shirt is up for grabs, this time it is going to say JUNE MARATHON CHALLENGE! https://www.customink.com/designs/jmc/qeq0-00b1-gy0m/share?pc=EMAIL-40778&utm_campaign=shared%20design&utm_source=share%20link&utm_medium=shared%20design&utm_content=shared%20desktop

This month has a lot of fun stuff going on besides the June Marathon Challenge! First off, be sure to check out our Peninsula Go Far Group https://www.meetup.com/GoFarRunGroup-Peninsula-Chapter/and RSVP for our upcoming HERO HILL WORKOUTS on Tuesdays! I have heard that they are super tough, but they will make you super strong! Stanton is leading the charge on these workouts and you should check them out!

We also have some awesome trail runs coming up as many of us gear up for Skyline to Sea (if that is you Рtraining starts next week! Perfect timing for June Marathon Challenge!). Be sure to check out our Meetup often so that you can stay up to date and get some long runs in with your fellow Go Farians.

Now is the time I ask a big favor…. we have an opportunity on September 9th to volunteer for the Santa Cruz Ironman. As a¬†group, we can earn up to $1,000, which will directly¬†go¬†into making the Holiday Party significantly cheaper. I could really really use as much help as I can get on this one, and I’m calling in the power of¬†GO¬†FAR. We need 20-30 volunteers. The time will most likely be in the morning, but shifts can be pretty long so please be prepared to spend most of your day there. If you can help volunteer, I would appreciate it so much! You can email me at¬†m.newell831@gmail.com¬†and let me know if you can help. Thank you so much in advance <3 We had a volunteer opportunity last year that made the holiday party cheaper that we do not have this year, and so we really need some help on the funding front! Thank you everyone!

That is it for June! Thanks for reading through the newsletter, and good luck to all of you in the June Marathon Challenge! Don’t forget to email me if you want in and always remember to¬†GO¬†FAR!

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