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2017 Donation Drive Wrap Up

This one’s been a long time coming – sorry for the delay!

Without further ado – wanted to provide the results of our 2017 Donation Drive. Thank you so much for all your donations and help collecting shoes during our drive! In just about two months, we were able to collect… *drum roll please*:

206 Pairs of Shoes

304 Pieces of Clothing

73 Pieces of Running Gear (hats, bottles, even an old Garmin!)

As a reminder, our donations went to Mission Atletica and this past December they were able to bring a majority of our collection out for a sponsored race. Each participant received a pair of shoes and running gear to go along with it!

Thanks so much for everyone’s support and generosity!

Start saving up your shoes again – we’ll have another drive as we get closer to the holiday season this year!

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