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January Newsletter

Hello Go Farians!

Welcome to 2016! This is going to be a great year for Go Far, and we already started it out strong with our Sunday morning run group where 30 people turned out to kick off the year right. This is going to be an action packed marathon of a newsletter, so sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy!

First off, we want to send out a big welcome to all of the new runners who have joined us in the past month or so! For those of you who are new, please take some time to check out our Meetup calendar where all of our upcoming Meetups are listed! There is something for everyone, from long run Sunday to speed work outs on Wednesday to trail runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays! We hope to see you out there and can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful community we have built!

Since we have a lot of new runners, I wanted to send out a polite reminder about RSVP’ing! If you have RSVP’d for a run and can’t make it, please update your response before the Meetup occurs. Often times whoever is leading the group will wait until all attendants are there, and it helps us to get our runs going on time if we have an accurate Meetup count. On the same token, please RSVP if you are planning on attending a run! The more “yes” RSVPs we have, the more others are encourage to come out and join in on the fun!

Next up, a recap on our amazing shoe drive headed up by Stanton. This year we saw the most shoes we have ever had donated. A huge thank you to Stanton for putting this drive together. It takes a lot of time and energy, and we truly appreciate all that you have done for the drive. A thank you as well to all the volunteers (Michael T., Paulette, Liat, John F., Lenny, Carol, Ellen, Scott, and Marcia) who helped collect shoes at the various races we were taking part in. Thanks to you and all those who donated shoes or clothing we had a HUGE year of donations. We ended up collecting 792 pairs of shoes, 493 articles of clothing, and 89 pieces of running gear!!! This is more than our past two years of collecting COMBINED. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us. A more thorough recap will be posted on our website later tonight by Stanton: www.gofarrungroup.com. Here’s a picture of the amazing feat (haha) we accomplished together:

Shoes at Mission Atletica Warehouse

Shoes at Mission Atletica Warehouse

Next up, our monthly trail adventure series! For those of you who remember fondly our Third Saturday Trail Adventures, we will be continuing that into 2016! For the most part these adventures will remain on the 3rd Saturday, but they may be a little more flexible to accommodate scheduling. So, we are renaming this series to the “Monthly Trail Adventure”. Our trail adventure series kicks off at Castle Rock this month, Harvey Bear next month, and the always highly anticipated Nisene Marks in March. These outings are a great opportunity to really explore the Bay Area and run in new and exciting places!

We have a lot of runners running quite a few Brazen Races, and all of those are currently posted up on our Meetup (at least the ones Brazen has active so far). I think we will have a lot of Go Farians out at Brazen Racing this year, and they are a great organization if you are new to trail running or simply looking for something adventurous and challenging! Kaiser Permanente half has also been posted up for anyone doing that race. If you are running a race coming up, send an email, post on Facebook, or send Mike and I a message about it and we will get it posted up on the Meetup!

Finally, we have our TRACK SUITS back up for ordering! For those of you who have experienced some serious jealousy over our super cool track suits, you now have a limited opportunity to purchase! You can purchase just the jacket, or if you want the whole sweet set you can order the jacket and the pant. Check it out here: http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/gofar?lockerid=24919#

That’s it for this month Go Far! A big welcome to all the new Go Farians who have recently joined, we hope to meet you at a run soon! Thanks for reading, and GO FAR!

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