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February Newsletter

Happy February Go Far!

We are up to 713 active members now, can you believe it?! Our group has grown so much, and I’m so happy that we have so many new and returning people coming out to Meetups to get healthy and meet new friends!! February has a lot of great stuff coming up, but I want to get to a couple things coming up in March first!

March is going to be kicking off our 3rd season of our Couch to 10K training program. The program will have 5 coaches this season, which we designed to ensure that everyone in our program will have support, no matter what pace you are. We are encouraging EVERYONE, whether you walk, run, are just getting started, or are coming back from an injury, to come out and join us! Our last 2 programs have been so fun, and we have some amazing Go Farians who have become a part of our community because of it.

The Couch to 10K program will be kicking off on March 15. If you are a new member who someone who has been following the group for a while and not sure how to get started, this is definitely the Meetup for you! If you are already out there running regularly and have some friends, family members, or co workers who you know want to get healthy, please invite them to come join us! The link is: http://www.meetup.com/Go-Far-Run-Group/events/228262363/ to share more information with them. You can also reach out to us on the Meetup site if you have any more personal one on one questions. I would love to make this our best program yet, so please share and come out to join us!

March is also going to be the reintroduction of our awesome Mission Peak runs. If you have run (hiked?! lol!) this beast you know the challenge MP poses! Marcia will be leading us back to the park and I encourage everyone to get out there and try it! We also have a possible surprise that will be joining the kick starting of MP. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and your email for more details in the future.

While we have that big initiative planned for March, we need to get through February first! We will as always have our Sunday morning runs, Wednesday night workouts, and Friday morning temp runs, but we also have some fun stuff planned too.

Starting things out, our weekly Tuesday morning Rancho runs will be starting up again next Tuesday. It looks like dawn has started to come earlier, so the rangers should be opening the park earlier and earlier. Next week we will be at 6:45, but we will adjust the time back down to 6:30 as it gets lighter earlier. Thank you to Paulette for continuing to lead the charge on these!

Our monthly trail adventure this month will be headed to Harvey Bear Park. Paul and Paola will be hosting this amazing expedition! Harvey Bear is a beautiful park with some stunning views at the top of the hills. Come check out the hidden secret in our backyard on February 20! RSVP:http://www.meetup.com/Go-Far-Run-Group/events/228010737/

We also have quite a few Go Farians targeting the Kaiser Permanente Half marathon this month, being held fittingly on Valentine’s Day. RSVP to join the party here: http://www.meetup.com/Go-Far-Run-Group/events/227842580/

We have had a great turnout at all of our Meetups lately, and I am so happy to see so many new and returning faces out at our Meetups. Please make sure to always update your RSVP to “Yes” or “No” depending on whether or not you can join us. RSVP’ing “yes” means you get the ball rolling and encourage other people to come out to Meetups! If you wake up in the morning and are like, no way am I getting out of bed today, or can’t attend a Meetup for any other reason, please update your RSVP to “no” to let the organizers of the Meetup know. This helps us get started on time and make sure we don’t forget about anyone.

Thank you to everyone for coming out to Go Far, make sure to spread the word to your friends if you love our group! That’s it for this month! GO FAR!

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