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Couch to 10K: Meet Your Coaches, Part 1

Our third run of the Couch to 10K program will be starting up before you know it! In honor of this third edition, we’ll do 3 posts over the next few weeks leading up to the program kickoff!

This first round, we’ll be introducing you to two of our four amazing Go Farian coaches who will be motivating you towards your 10K distance!

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Mike Barbosa


The couch to 10K program was something that I was mulling over starting up for a year or so before last year.  I saw how the Go Far Run Group had been growing year over year but it contained a large amount of seasoned runners with exceptional skill sets. The weekly Go Far meet ups included track workouts, trail running and training runs geared towards half marathon races. Not exactly the type of training program for someone just starting to get into running or coming back from a running hiatus. I kind of got the feeling it would be intimidating for a beginning runner to say join the Wednesday speed workout with the level of runners out there every Wednesday. So I spoke to the people in charge of Go Far and pitched the idea and they were behind it 100%.
The coaching experience was a great experience. I enjoyed sharing my almost twenty years of running knowledge with some of the newer runners and motivating them to push themselves to run distances they had never run before. Hearing each of their stories and finding out what their goals were and giving them examples of how to reach that goal was rewarding. I think one of the more rewarding parts of the program was watching the runners bond as a group and create friendships outside of running. Also the couch to 10K program is not just geared to new runners, we welcomed any runner with any skill set to train with us as well. So we would get a mix of new, seasoned, and runners returning from a hiatus of a year or longer. Plus out of last years runners we now have three new asst coaches to help out in 2016 and two of them were runners that just started running last year.
I am looking forward towards the next couch to 10K program starting in March to see what new runners come to our group.

Marie Tenny

Couch to 10k

When I started the couch to 10K last fall I was barely able to run 3 miles. I learned so much with Go Far and this program. The two most important things I learned with Go Far’s couch to 10k training program was 1) Have Fun and 2) Finish. It doesn’t matter what time you finish, just finish!!! I ran my 10k in 1 hour and 14 mins and 33 seconds last October and beat that time when I ran Hot Chocolate 15k in January. =) My goal this year is to run 5 races including and half and full marathon.

I now love to run!!!

Keep an eye out for our next post coming soon!

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