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Couch to 10K: Meet Your Coaches, Part 2

Continuing on from last week, we have two more amazing coaches to introduce to help you on your way from Couch to 10K!

We’ll kick things off with a picture of our friendly Couch to 10K mascot: Dash!



Haruka Kato


I started running in June 2015 when I could barely run 2 miles, but thanks to Meghan and Mike who supported me throughout the season, I was able to finish not only 10K but also half marathon within 6 months! Now my goal is to complete a full marathon! Go Far Run Group people are so friendly and always welcoming! I hope I can help you reach your goal!

Lori Henderson


I’m a firm believer in the Couch-To-10k system–it’s how I became a runner.  It’s the perfect program for beginners or those who haven’t run in a while and want to get back out there.  Go Far is a great group of supportive and friendly runners of all abilities and paces, and new runners will fit right in.  I am continually inspired by new runners, and I look forward to sharing my passion for running with all of you!

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