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Couch to 10K: Get Ready!

We’re just two short weeks away from Week 1 of our Couch to 10K program! Get ready to lace up for your journey and meet some great people along the way! To wrap up our 3 part series, we wanted to provide you all with a look into what our Couch to 10K program is all about:


Go Far Run Group’s Couch to 10K program is designed to take you from running or walking 1 mile in week 1 to completing a 10K in week 10! This 10 week program will gradually increase each week in order to build you up to the 10K distance. We welcome runners and walkers of all abilities! Even if you are purely walking we would still love to have you join us.


Beyond our scheduled run each week, we encourage you to be active 3-4 other times throughout the week in order to maintain your fitness level. A good objective would be to do a similar amount that we did during the week during your additional workouts in order to get your body fit and ready to build to the next week!

We look forward to seeing you out there! Remember, it doesn’t matter what your fitness is, the first step is getting out there! Come join us!



For those of you who are curious, here’s a rough sketch of your next 10 weeks on the program:

Each week meets at the Coffee Society located @ 1875 South Bascom Avenue, Campbell, CA

IMG_0690Week 1, Tuesday, March 15: 1 mile + Q&A session with coaches

Week 2, Tuesday, March 22: 1.5 miles

Week 3, Tuesday, March 29: 2 miles

Week 4, Tuesday, April 5: 2.5 miles

Week 5, Tuesday, April12: 3 miles

IMG_8258          IMG_9302

Week 6, Tuesday, April19: 3.5 miles

Week 7, Tuesday, April 26: 4 miles

Week 8, Tuesday, May 3: 4.5 miles

Week 9, Tuesday, May 10: 5 miles

Week 10(ish), Saturday, May 14, 2016 – 10K Race! Come run your 10K and celebrate with your coaches and friends! Please note we’ll meet at the parking garage in Pruneridge located at 1919 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA




As you’re preparing yourselves, here’s a note from our head coach, Mike Barbosa:

Looking forward to running with all of you during this program. For those of you new, newer, or runners returning back to running here are some recommendations (not mandatory) before you come out for your first run:

1) If you have new running shows make sure to break them in before the first run. Walk or jog in them to break them in. You really do not want to run in new shoes on your first run especially if there are a new model to you.
2) Dress comfortably – meaning dry fit clothes work best for any cardiovascular work out. Temperature wise it will still be cool mid to low 50’s at 6:30pm and maybe a bit windy on trail as well.
3) Hydrate and stretch the day of the first workout. Always good practice before any workout. If you have any questions before the first meet up go ahead and post them on this site and one of the hosts will respond back to your question.


For those of you who were part of the program last year (and for those of you want to get an idea about what this amazing program is all about), check out our photo gallery here.


Oh, and one final reminder from your friendly webmaster, organizer, and fellow runner – remember to RSVP on Meetup!

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