Go Far Run Group

About Us

Go Far Run Group was founded by Meghan Newell and Mike Suto in 2011. What started as a small group run based out of a local running store has blossomed into an organization complete with dedicated group run coordinators, regular workouts, and several events throughout the year.

We have folks of all abilities in our group, from walkers who are happy being walkers; to walkers transitioning to running; to 10 minute mile runners; to 6 minute mile runners! We have folks who have never been in a race in their lives to those who are experience half and full marathoners. Our one requirement to stay in the group is that you attend at least 1 Meetup every 3 months. This helps to keep our Meetup active!

Whatever your ability, there is a place for you in our group!

If you want to go fast, run alone,
If you want to Go Far, run together.

Check us out on Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Go-Far-Run-Group/
For any questions, please email info@gofarrungroup.com