Go Far Run Group

Scheduled Runs

At Go Far we welcome runners (and walkers!) of all levels!

We have group runs every day of the week and attend races, have special events, and organize runs around the Bay Area throughout the year. Join us at one of our group runs and get to know our organizers and members, and just have fun as you Go Far!

Reminder: Schedules can change and weather can be fickle, so be sure to check our Meetup site prior to attending any of our runs or events!


Sunday Morning Long Runs

Sunday Run Group

Join us for Go Far Run Group’s longest running event, our weekly long run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail!

We pick a goal race twice a year, so feel free to train up with our recommended mileage or go as far or as short as you like! After we get a good run in, we hang out at Coffee Society for some coffee and snacks!

Run Group Organizer: Meghan Newell

Wednesday Track Workout

Wednesday Track Workout GroupAll paces are welcome. The workout can be modified depending on your personal goal, just see the event organizer. Hope to see you there, AND please bring a watch if you have one.

Workouts vary by week from intervals to tempo runs and much more – so check out our Meetup and RSVP for this week’s workout!

To minimize the possibility of injury, our weekly Speed Workouts are recommended for those who have a base of at least 15-miles per week or are experienced with speed work. In addition, please consult with your doctor before you begin any running, fitness, or nutrition programs, or any other change in lifestyle. Any information that you may receive reflects only the opinion of the organizers, members, or associates and is in no way to be considered medical advice. Any advice you receive is considered to be runner to runner.

Wednesday Track Workouts

Run Group Organizer: Mike Suto

Rancho Runs

Tuesday Morning Rancho GroupRoutes vary from 5 to 7 miles depending on what people would like to do that day. Note, this is a trail run with some climbing.

Rancho SaturdayRun Group Organizers: Paulette Ference and Meghan Newell


Weekly Morning Runs

Go Far Friday Morning Group

Kick off your day with a morning run! Check out our meetup for times and locations.

Run Group Organizer: This is an Open Host Meetup – come and join us!


Couch to 10K Training Group

Go Far Couch to 10K Race 2015Are you brand new to running? Always wanted to try to run but didn’t know where to start? Just getting back to running after a long break? Join us for our 9 week Couch to 10K training program! This program is catered towards beginning runners who are looking for a starting place in getting into running. The training program will end with a FREE 10K race that will help celebrate all you have accomplished!

Workouts vary by week as you train up to the 10K distance – so check out our Meetup for this week’s workout and be sure to RSVP! We will be running on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. If you have any questions beforehand, please email us so we can answer anything you may have questions about! We can’t wait to see you!

Even if you didn’t get a chance to start the training program on week 1, please join us anyways! We can work with you to get you a mileage recommendation that is right for you!

Run Group Organizer: Mike Barbosa


Destination Trail Runs

600_437757980Join us once a month for an adventure outside your normal routine. Each month, we pick a destination run somewhere in the Bay Area to explore trails and maybe find a new favorite run!

highres_441160968Run Group Organizer: Varies month to month

Hill Workouts

Mission Peak Thursday GroupLocations vary by season and can either be at Mission Peak or Communications Hill. Join us to get your legs moving and your heart rate pumping!

Run Group Organizer: Marcia Duong


B.L.A.S.T. Workouts

BLAST Monday

B.L.A.S.T. stands for Butt, Legs, Arms, Stomach, Toning!

Please bring a mat and/or bath towel to lay down on.  Also, please bring an old t-shirt or even a hand towel.  We will use this within our exercises.

We will start out with a 1 mile  warm up run around the park and then do about a 12 minute rotation of exercises focusing on the butt, legs, arms and stomach for a total of 48-50 minutes.  The workout wraps up with a ½ mile cool down.  Anticipated workout time to be about an hour and 15 minutes.

**Disclaimer**  We are not certified instructors.  As with all exercises, please perform at your level of comfort.

BLAST Monday Group

Run Group Organizer: Marcia Duong