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Random Poetry:

An Ode to MP

by Stanton Chan

A cruel crag, jutting out from Fremont
From parking lot to peak, the distance is naught more than five kilometers
Yet you are much more

You are not the Majestic Purple mountain overlooking fruited plains of song
You are a Mighty Presence above a commercial concrete landscape
Shrouded in severe baked Mud and Pebbles, gray and brown

Dressed in lush green accented in poppies and lupine in early Spring
You tempt me with your Mysterious Power
I look up and know that you are My Purpose, my drive, my way to a More Perfect self

But you are also My Poison
Tearing at my lungs, ripping the very air from my chest
I ache for oxygen to keep climbing, knowing full well the Muscle Pain to come

Yet I know I Must Persist
Despite your laughter, each step I feel you Mocking Progress
Musky Perspiration replacing your Musty Perfume of cow shit and rock

And then, I’m there at the top
A stride past the Meaningless Pole that others gawk at and photograph themselves with
Towards the Measly Plank of your true peak and know that I’ve conquered you

2517 FT